Specialty Cocoa


The sector of the chocolate industry that values human life and cocoa quality. Promoting living income for agricultural stewardship, opportunities for entrepreneurship at origin, and providing standards for cocoa quality. 


The Specialty Cocoa Association is committed to an equitable chocolate supply chain for people and communities directly involved in agriculture, import, manufacture, distribution, retail and consumption of artisan chocolate worldwide. Specialty Cocoa supports supply chain transparency in service to living wages for workers in the specialty cocoa industry. The organization works to empower people producing chocolate made at origin and all makers of chocolate products made with traceable ingredients that promote living wages and human dignity. The Association actively builds community through education, training, technology, and events.

Our Vision

Specialty Cocoa Association works to assure that the chocolate supply chain is based on principles of equality. These principles are: transparent trade, resilient economic models that redistribute wealth across the value chain, appropriately valued and priced high-quality cacao,  educated agriculturalists, socially aware chocolate makers, and an industry that mitigates ecological impacts through adaptive and regenerative ecology. The Specialty Cocoa Association provides information, technology, education, and networking platforms needed to galvanize decision making for the best possible social and environmental results and outcomes in the current global chocolate industry.


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Specialty Cocoa Association provides training, technology, and services for cocoa growing communities and cocoa processing cooperatives. 


Value Chain

We are established to have impact on the entire supply chain for artisan cocoa products. The goal of our effort is an equitable cocoa supply chain where stakeholders are fairly rewarded for their contributions. 



Our organization promotes and supports the companies that manufacture the highest caliber Specialty Chocolate products in the world. We maintain guidelines for product quality and cocoa quality. 


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